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Layout future! Zhejiang Changsheng: Starting the First Battle of Talent Cultivation Program

The key to entrepreneurship lies in the people. This is the “fact of doing things.” The rapid development of the enterprise can not be separated from the construction of the talent team. Only by grasping the construction of the talent team can we lay out the future and demonstrate the foundation and advantages of the company's development.

Zhejiang Changsheng Glass Co., Ltd. takes talent introduction and talent training as the most important task.

First, establish a senior leadership team to play a leading role

The senior leadership team is the leader in enterprise development. In the selection process of high-level teams, the selection principle of Zhejiang Changsheng Glass Co., Ltd. is: first to be loyal; second to have expertise; third to have a sense of responsibility; fourth to be Good at coordination and communication.

Second, replenishing fresh blood, recruiting many talents

Strengthen the construction of the talent team and timely inject fresh blood, which can provide guarantees for the company's innovation and transformation. To this end, Zhejiang Changsheng Glass Co., Ltd. has selected many talents through various channels including media, websites, attending special talent recruitment conferences, and campus talent recruitment meetings.

Third, attach importance to training and strengthening the talent team

Changsheng Glass creates a learning organization. The training system penetrates every person in every department. In Changsheng Glass's view, training is a process of continuous self-improvement and an effective way for enterprises and individuals to increase value.

Fourth, performance assessment, rewards and punish

Changsheng Glass's employees rely on their ability to obtain promotions. The company retains people for development. Changsheng Glass's employees have clear job responsibilities and implement scientific income and assessment indicators, and rewards are excellent. Changsheng Glass's corporate goals are combined with employee development. Employees are motivated by self-fulfillment and respect for employees, effectively stimulating their unlimited work enthusiasm and performance potential.

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