• Precision drilling

  • Special effects printing

  • Supporting services during installation

30 years of technological innovation and research and development of glass in electrical appliances! Advanced production equipment, precise digital processing center, complete testing equipment, focus on creating zero-defect, safe, reliable, and perfect glass products for customers, and treat each piece of glass with a meticulous production attitude.


The company has modern and advanced fully computer-controlled horizontal roller type flat and curved special-shaped tempered glass production lines, CNC XY glass scribing table, CNC water cutting machine, double edge grinding machine and imported grinding processing center, multiple two-color automatic printing lines , Independent research and development of the automatic assembly line suitable for the company, effectively connecting the front and rear processes, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality

  • Whether it is precision drilling or complex drilling, we have the right manufacturing process.

  • Whether you need to make holes on the outer edge of the panel or on the inside, we can keep the position consistent on every piece of glass in the same batch, and our rich experience can ensure that we provide customers with perfect results.