Hongyao Glass won the title of Best Delivery Award



       On March 21st, Fangtai Group held a supplier conference with the theme of "innovative leadership, first-class professionalism, collaboration and efficiency, and compliance and transparency". Zhejiang Hongyao Glass Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference.

        At the meeting, Fangtai made a report and summary of the company's performance last year, and highly affirmed the efficient cooperation of suppliers. Recognizing the suppliers, Zhejiang Hongyao Glass Co., Ltd., as the main supplier of Fangtai cooktop glass, won the title of Best Delivery Award.


       Fangtai's satisfaction and recognition of Hongyao is inseparable from the joint efforts, unity and cooperation of the leaders and all employees. During the peak production period of Fangtai last year, when other factories were facing tight delivery, Hongyao took the initiative to take the production orders and took up important tasks to overcome a series of problems such as short-term shortage of personnel and new equipment not in place.Delivered on time to assist Fangtai's stability. During peak production season, meet market demand.

        In the future, Hongyao will continue to improve quality, increase production efficiency, and shorten the delivery cycle. As a united group, adhering to the value concept of "Quality First, Infinite Innovation", shouldering the supplier's high-quality supporting service responsibilities, and making continuous efforts for customer satisfaction .


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